DroidCon Tel Aviv 2015

*** Please read the following carefully before submitting: ***

1. You MUST provide a presentation - it doesn't have to be the final one, but something to show us the flow of the talk. Submissions without presentations will be disqualified! If the upload doesn't work (it's limited to 5MB) then provide a link to your presentation.

2. DroidCon is a tech event, and as such the sessions we are looking for are technical rather than business / marketing sessions. We still might accept some biz/marketing sessions but only a few, most of the sessions are technical (show us some code!)

3. Any topic goes as long as it is related to Android development (Not only client side) for example: Android Development best practices, Pro-tips, Play services, Server-side/Backend/Cloud, Wearables, User Experience, Native, Games, Android Internals and tweaking

4. The typical session length will be 40 minutes, but we may also allow shorter/longer than that according to the schedule.

5. Sessions are selected by an expert committee, we will announce the accepted sessions on he beginning of May.

6. To submit, click "Make Submission" from the Authors section below - good luck!

Deadline: April.30, 2015




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